Rainbows For You


Kitras Art Glass comes all the way from Canada.
Their hand blown glass series called Trees of Enchantment

are available in three sizes.
Above we show the medium size at 6 inches.
The smallest are ornament sized and the large is around 10 inches.
Each Tree in the series has its own color theme and a word like:
Joy, Family, Love or Friendship
and accompanied by a card with a special sentiment. 

CIMG6858     CIMG6478

We have a nice selection of Wind Chimes,
many are made with rainbows of glass.

CIMG6855     CIMG6856

Next door to the Craft Gallery, at the Annex
you will find these lovely Hair Clips made with kimono material.
There are various sizes to accomodate all kinds of hair !


Also at the Annex
Hearts with a Key.


As the Summer comes to a close
we approach one of our favorite events in the village:

The Capitola Begonia Festival.

You can see photos from last year way back in the blog files,
or visit this link to explore the theme for this year:

Thank you for visiting our Blog.
Let us know if we can help you with a gift or something special for yourself !


Sun, Sand and Sea !


Come and spend the day in Capitola. Stop by the Craft Gallery and our Annex, next door to see all the fun and enchanting things to put in your garden. If you live too far to visit please take a look at the Wall Art,  Bird Feeders and our much loved Peace Poles on our website.


     Our newest Peace Pole celebrates a seaside lifestyle with the unique and whimsical art of Stephanie Burgess and sayings like; Life is good at the Beach.

Sweet sounding windchimes. . . . 


Sweet nectar for your local Hummingbirds . . . . 

image      image   image

For or the rest of the bird family, houses designed by Our Peace Pole artist.


Metal sculptures of Pelicans to sit on your deck, Rusty Birds to perch on your fence or these metal Dragonflies by CIMG6604California artist John Running . . .

We are having a great Summer in Capitola. Maybe a little fog in the mornings, yet usually sunny by mid day!
We hope to see you in person or online,

Until next time,
The Craft Gallery and Annex Team.

Mothers and Mermaids



Happy Mothers Day  !


 Ask most little girls if they like Mermaids and their face will light up,
saying Yes !
And many will grow up collecting Mermaid art.

The painting above and below are both available in a giclee print.


Between the Craft Gallery and the Annex we have quite a selection for the Mermaid collector. Scroll down to view a sample of Mermaids and Sea themed jewelry to tempt those who love the Ocean.

CIMG6373     CIMG6363

 Metal work by Josie ( our manager at the Annex ) who also collects sea glass from local beaches and makes jewelry with these sea treasures.
Book and Deck by Doreen Virtue offers inspiration and Mermaid Wisdom.
The print seen above and the giclee below are by local artist Maia Negre,

CIMG6356     CIMG6367

Unique hand-crafted jewelry by
Mystical Madness

These Mermaid plaques with inspirational words
make an excellent gift.

. . . . . . just in case you have several Mermaids at home ;


Cloudy Easter, Sunny Hearts

Yesterday it was gorgeous in the Village and Peace Poles, Hummingbird Feeders and Chimes were flying out the door with happy customers. Today it is quiet with the shops filling up from time to time with families together for the Holiday. 

Here is a photo taken on Saturday at Capitola Beach . . . 


Spring is Here!

CIMG5975 Bring Spring into your kitchen

   with floral pottery.  





    Both the Iris and Poppy        

    patterns are made by locals.    




Celebrate Spring with colorful Laurel Birch  . . . . . . 






 A Huge Selection of Socks. . . 

 And Pouches . . . .




And Bags with Cats, Frogs, Horses and Mermaids.      






Wear Spring with the beautiful colors of Holly Yashi Earrings, or the ocean themed Jewelry we have at the Annex.









Remember the Craft Gallery and the Craft Gallery Annex to Treat Yourself or Someone else. . . . .  this Spring!

A New Year Of Infinite Possibilities !





Stepping into the New Year and we are  ready for Valentines Day with Blown Glass Hearts, unique signs that are Romantic, such as the Letterosis Signs that spell LOVE or one that says PARIS  and variations of I 💜 U 


Firefly Jewelry offers this beautiful Mosaic Heart Pendent made with Swarovski Crystal and Glass Beads


 Heart Paperweights in Glorious Variety

CIMG5350                    CIMG5243


Remember us Online or in the shops, The Craft  Gallery and The Annex

for the perfect gift, anytime !


Happy Holidays !


Our store is full to the brim with the selection of quality, local and USA made gifts that you have come to count on.

If you can make it into the Craft Gallery or Annex for your gift needs this season, you will also find something else you count on and that is excellent customer service, free and beautiful gift wrapping and our attentive and smiling sales crew.


We carry over this dedication to customer service for our on-line customers by getting your order attended to first thing each morning and attention to detail, including our special gift wrapping.

With that being said here are some photos of our shops this season;


CIMG5952    CIMG5960




CIMG5981    CIMG5983


CIMG5974    CIMG5970

For a satisfying experience of shopping come to Capitola Village.
We would love to see you.


Falling Leaves and Pumpkins

We are celebrating Fall colors with a beautiful addition of  Topaz color to our Firefly collection.

If you can come by to see it in person, please do. . . . .  The combination of Gold,  deep shades of Topaz and Cranberry is beautiful.



For your holiday table and all glass collectors, we carry a lovely selection of blown glass pumpkins and gourds by C & H glassworks, an artisan studio based in Colorado.


This will be a brief post as we are now preparing for one of our favorite times of the year between Thanksgiving and New Years  Eve. I will leave you with a few selected photos from the Halloween Parade that happened in the Village.


CIMG5745               CIMG5753


Please visit us online or in the shops for your holiday gifts !

See you soon.

Art and Wine Festival. . . . Our Artists’

Two weeks after the Begonia Festival we have the Art and Wine and it was a beautiful weekend.
An expanded version of previous years, the booths filled almost every street in the village.


We have quite a few of our artists showing at this fair. It is fun to stop by and chat with them in between customers while seeing if they have anything new for us !

Karen Nevis has been painting local scenes, especially Capitola, for many years. Her wonderful water colors are full of color and often will invite the viewer to relax in a garden with  a view of the sea or enjoy the waves crashing on the cliffs. She has been featuring her art at the Craft Gallery since the 1980s’ and we are lucky to have an artist who captures our memories from vacations in Capitola or our favorite places as locals.



Wild Earth Sculptures has been uplifting the hearts of many folk in Capitola Village for years. The works of fantasy provide us with glimpses of natures creatures with silly grins and endearing expressions. Lila was their creator and she started selling her pieces across from the Craft Gallery Annex in a store called Dragginwood. Those who collected her art were sad to see this shop leave the village some years ago and then were pleased to find the Annex began to carry her lovable creatures in 2011. Today Wild Earth is still producing the collection and is run by her daughter, Lorinda, who appears in these photos from the Art and Wine.





Will Sanford was personally manning his booth and it was filled with his much loved Poppy Pottery.  For over thirty years this bright and cheerful pottery has charmed our customers at the Craft Gallery. A wide range of pieces are available; mugs, spoon rests, platters, vases and bowls. With the gold and orange colors this makes a nice gift for anyone whose home has a Tuscany flavor or who wants to give something representing California . . . . As this is our state flower !




To look at Maia Negres‘ paintings is to relax into the fluid world of the sea. She started painting at 17 and as she says, has not put the paintbrush down since then. We sell her artwork at the Annex in giclee canvas prints, cards, journals and 11×14 prints. Aside from ocean themes, she also represents the Buddha and Lotus in her ethereal style. Maias’ artwork is commissioned by art lovers and business owners. Stop by the Craft Gallery Annex to experience her beautiful art.




To wrap up this post we will leave you with some photos of the Art and Wine festival in full swing.  Enjoy and we hope it will bring fond memories of your day here in the Village,
whether as a visitor this summer or a day in town if local.

Remember to visit our website if you can’t make it to town, whenever you need a gift or something new and fun for the home !

CIMG5579     CIMG5580




Begonia Festival in the Village

image2014 was the 62nd Begonia Festival in Capitola Village. This much loved tradition began in the early 1950’s when a local resident, who provided a water follies festival every fall, found out that the begonia blossoms grown by Brown Bulb Ranch would go to waste as they readied the begonia bulbs for market. She incorporated the colorful flowers into the follies as floats going down the river that passes through Capitola Beach. Every year since, we have thousands of people gather to see the creative floats that emerge from that years theme; this years theme; Best of Broadway

At the Craft Gallery and Annex we had fun visiting with locals and customers who come every year for the festivities. Several of the folks from out of town mentioned they come by our stores every year to find something special. . . . . .  What was popular?. . . . At the Craft Gallery we sold several pieces from Firefly, a line that features crystal and glass set in mosaic patterns..

imageYou can view the Firefly collection on our website, or stop by to be dazzled by its color and brilliance!

imageAt the Annex, our manager  Josie, was sporting a lovely array of begonias in her hair with one of the beautiful Kimono Hair Clips that we sell. Come by the Annex next time in Capitola and if you are there when she is, ask her to show you how to put up your hair with one of these clips. They work with just about any length and texture of hair and always look amazing. Here is a photo of Josie posing with her begonias and the clip.



To close this post we offer some photos from this years Begonia Festival Nautical Parade, but first a little Capitola History . . . . . 

image Back in the seventies Carin, founder of the Craft Gallery, was a force to be reckoned with as she challenged the “old guard” of Capitola to change with the times. One example of this was when those in charge of the Begonia Festival said they would have to close it down for a season or two. This was due to a drought making the water level in the river too low for the floats in the nautical parade. Carin felt that it might never start up again if they stopped the parade. The  people in charge said it couldn’t be done with the current water level. Well, in her determined way she spearheaded an effort to find solutions that would make the parade possible. The first solution was to get the lagoon to close earlier than usual to raise the water level. The second was to get rid of the old barrels that made the floats too low in the water and replace them with the newer pontoon floats.  The nautical parade did indeed happen that year and every year since. On the day of the festival someone unfurled a banner from the train trestle stating; ” And they said it couldn’t be done ! ”


CIMG5491   CIMG5496


CIMG5507   CIMG5517


CIMG5533If you were visiting during the Festival and can’t stop thinking about that cool thing you saw in our stores, or a certain piece of  jewelry . . . .
give us a call, we can send it to you !   Not close enough to visit?  Browse our website.





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